On April 25, 2015, the Deep South Bodies Competitive Group and I participated in the Supernatural Bodybuilding Fitness Workshop in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The workshop covered posing, nutrition, tanning, make up, competitions and several other areas in the world of bodybuilding.

We all talk about putting in the work; we all talk about how much we want to be the best.  This was one of those important learning opportunities we took advantage of to assist us in becoming our best.

We learned a lot, but in my opinion, the most important topic from the workshop was the topic on “bikini vs. figure vs. bodybuilding”.  So many people don’t understand the difference between classes and they assume there is only ONE way to look and only ONE class to compete in.   Here’s the difference:

  • Bikini – your body is tone and fit, but not muscular; a smooth all around appearance
  • Figure/Physique – your body is tone, fit and has definition; well-developed muscle separation
  • Bodybuilding – you are ripped; striated muscles and pronounced muscularity

When training to compete (or just to get in shape), each person’s body responds differently depending on age, desired weight, physical make-up and personal goals.  You set your own target and desired body type, then go from there.  Also, you don’t have to compete to have your desired physique.  All you have to do is commit to a structured fitness regimen and start your journey today!

Deep South Bodies Competitive Group participates in the
Supernatural Bodybuilding Fitness workshop in Lawrenceville, Georgia